1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers release Tom Crabtree


    *chants* BRING HIM BACK!

  2. Colt Lyerla will be getting a tryout with the Packers.

    I don’t like this guy as a person, as a player he’s pretty damn good. If he gets a spot in training camp or makes the final 53 man roster he needs to atone for his comments about Sandyhook especially. Completely disgraceful, but he is a young man and as it seems needs direction that he could get from the Packers organization. I wish him well, and I hope he has realized or will realize where he needs to clean up

  3. Was Vince Lombardi the First Gay-Friendly NFL Coach?

  4. the-invisible-gardener said: that’s fair. it’s not a greg jennings jersey after all.

    I agree! and I get to geek out about the fact that I think it’s shipping from Lambeau which will make it a little more special to me since I live in CA

  5. I was on the Packers Pro Shop site and saw that James Jones jersey is only $30 and thought to myself “Well he has always been one of my favorite receivers, and it’s not like he went to the Vikings or anything….eeeh might as well” lol

  6. I’ll bet money that the Rams are made to do Hard Knocks this upcoming season.

  7. greenandg0ld:

    It makes me really happy that two of the picks were fans of the Packers. I’m glad things worked out best for them. 

  8. More undrafted free agent signings


    Jayrone Elliot, DE from Toledo
    Jake Doughty, LB from Utah State
    Ryan White, CB from Auburn
    Blair Kerkhoff, RB from Kansas

  9. Rajion Neil, RB from Tennessee has signed.

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  10. Scratch that, I’ll just reblog fyeahgopackgo They are way more on it than me apparently

  11. Packers come to terms with undrafted free agent Joe Thomas, ILB from South Carolina State.

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  12. Undrafted free agent John Fullington, a G/T from Washington State, has signed with the Packers.

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  13. Remember the day of news is not over! Undrafted free agent signings will probably start coming in soon so if any come in in the next few hours I will try to post about it.

    Now this is awesome!

  14. The 2014 NFL Draft has closed with the Texans pick of Lonnie Ballentine