1. So the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel posted an article talking about Nick Collins and it made me feel so much damn Nostalgia. It kind of refueled my hopes of him one day returning to the Packers. I know it will likely never happen but damn, Collins is, to me, one of the best Safeties ever to play in the NFL. I can certainly see how others may not feel the same way but he sure as hell was on his way to proving it to everyone. I mean look at that Super Bowl XLV pick six and tell me you don’t see the greatness in him

  2. I can’t help but imagine them listening to N.W.A. when this happened haha

    Green Bay Packers comeback against the Dallas Cowboys after trailing 26-3. What. A . Game.

    "Snapshots in Time: Packers and Cowboys" from the Packers.com website.

  3. Moving forward from the empty feeling you get after tying with a team that is 2-8 brings you to a team that is 6-5 and holds the lead for the NFC North: The Detroit Lions.

    The Lions are in a current dip after their previous two games suffering losses to the Steelers (4-6) and the Buccaneers (3-8). They have swept the Chicago Bears but lost to the Green Bay Packers giving them a division record of 3-1. *A division record will matter more between the Lions and Bears for a potential wildcard spot now, because 10-5-1 is better than 10-6.

    If Green Bay wins on Thanksgiving, they will have swept the Detroit Lions for the third consecutive year.

    With the Packers being on their fourth string, recently resigned Matt Flynn, you have to wonder if he’ll have another career day like he did in 2011 with nearly 500 yards and six touchdowns. You also have to worry about one of the best quarterback wide receiver duos in the NFL with Matt Stafford. Green Bay’s secondary hasn’t been anything special, giving up big plays at some of the worst times, allowing certain leads to slip away when they were seemingly won.

    I would expect a tough fought game on Thursday with a lot of offense from both sides.

    Go Pack Go!


  4. In GIF form.

    I read something along the lines of, “Eddie Lacy went truckin’ down Highway 29.”

  5. This is my favorite picture from the game.

    Eddie Lacy hit sticks Xavier Rhodes.

  6. Mike Neal, best kept secret in the NFL

  7. kickoffcoverage:

    PACKERS WORKING OUT MATT FLYNN - Former Packers’ quarterback Matt Flynn is reportedly auditioning for his old team Monday. 

    Green Bay will need a second healthy quarterback for next Sunday’s game with the Giants at New York, if Seneca Wallace cannot return from the injured groin he suffered in Sunday’s home loss to Philadelphia. 

    The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel said the Packers could sign Flynn, if they believe that a previously injured elbow has healed enough. Then if Wallace gets healthy late in the week, the Packers could decide which one would be the better choice to back up Scott Tolzien. 

    The ex-Wisconsin Badger has already been named the Packers’ starting quarterback for the Giants’ contest, after he threw for 280 yards and a touchdown in his regular season debut. 

    Flynn set a Packer record with six touchdown passes in the 2011 regular season finale in which Aaron Rodgers rested — but Flynn has accomplished virtually nothing since, with stints at Seattle, Oakland, and Buffalo. (Photo: Zimbio.com)

    My opinion on signing Flynn depends on an abundance of different factors. I’m not really on the “sign Flynn,” bandwagon. Tolzien played good yesterday. He went from being on the practice squad a week ago to playing nearly the entirety of an NFL game. Wallace had a (statistically) good start to yesterday’s game. If Wallace is out for an extended period of time we need to sign someone. Is it Flynn? I don’t know. Randy pointed out that Flynn isn’t a guy to make receivers better; but to thrive with talented receiving corps, which we have. I also think a large majority of fans are still living in 2011 when Flynn dominated the Lions. 

    Just remember: that was 2011 and this is 2013. 


  8. oh wow, the refs know how to use the flags?

  9. Oh and Congratulations to Scott Tolzien and Brandon Bostick for each getting their first NFL touchdown. Tolzien I can imagine is especially happy as it comes playing for the team he rooted for for many years.

  10. Clay Matthews returned and fully participated in practice today. Morgan Burnett also has been practicing and looks promising for Sunday. Casey Hayward did not participate in practice this week, which makes you wonder the extent of his hamstring injury. 

  11. And Jeremy Ross has been cut by the Packers.

  12. Packers @ Bengals

    I have two bets running on Sunday’s game between the Bengals and the Packers. I have one on the game for $20 and $5 a sack on the side. My friend is a Bengals fan and he’s been running on this for about three weeks; which leads me to my post. 

    The Packers take on the Bengals this weekend in Cincinnati, where they will take on one of the better defenses in the NFL. I’ll be honest: Andy Dalton didn’t look too hot last week against the Steelers. The bad news is that the Green Bay secondary has looked that bad, if not worse, since the first game of the season and Morgan Burnett has already been ruled out again.  The Cincinnati rushing game has a lot of potential, but Green Bay has done at stopping the run so far, holding the 49ers to less than one hundred yards on over thirty carries and did a good job of holding the Redskins down during the first half and only allowing big plays after the game was seemingly out of reach. The Bengals have the current highest streak of games not allowing a passer to go over 300 yards; BUT IT’S AARON RODGERS!  It’s going to be a good game.