1. Goodell considering lifting the ban on marijuana if doctors suggest it helps subdue the effects of a concussion.

  2. My feelings.

  3. Superstitions

    How superstitious, if at all, are you?
    I’m horrible. I got so upset by the loss I got in my car turned off my stereo (which is always set on ESPN) and drove home thinking about what I did differently this week than I did last week. Then I emptied out the back of my Bronco, which was full of wood, still trying to remember what I did differently. Earlier I was thinking about how healthy Clay looked so far and then he got injured. What about you guys? Any oddball tendencies that you do before every game?


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  5. Who’s excited for tonight? Or better yet, FRIDAY?

    Superbowl XLV

  6. Fun Fact: The last time Peyton Manning had a better touchdown to interception record than Aaron Rodgers was in 2008, Rodgers first year as a starter. 

  7. Can we all just take a second to appreciate one of the best traditions in all of sports?

  8. Rodgers on Braun

    For the first time since Braun’s suspension, Rodgers has weighed in on the Brewers Superstar’s admittance of using PEDs. Rodgers claims Braun had “looked (him) in the eye on multiple occasions and denied the claims.” Rodgers also says he’s disappointed but doesn’t regret sticking up for his friend, but may have taken a more cautious approach. Rodgers (on Twitter) had said he’d bet his salary on Braun’s innocence; but made no remark to the subject. 

  9. What rookie are you most looking forward to watching this year?

  10. Did anyone attend the Shareholder’s Meeting? I’m gonna make it someday.

  11. Someone, please, PLEASE buy me this. I will give you my firstborn.